DOH Foundation 대구오페라하우스
We reach out to the world, while reinforcing the essence of ourselves

Daegu Opera House stands at the center of Korea when it comes to opera. DOH has been not only producing and performing opera, but also fostering competent opera singers through its own education system. DOH has attracted all the eyes and ears of the professionals and has been the venue which lots of opera lovers of Korea visit each year. Also, DOH has actively developed relationships with esteemed opera houses of the world, and its international influence and presence is gaining weight over time.

Centripetal force proceeds in a direction toward the center, and centrifugal force proceeds in a direction away from the center. When the centripetal and centrifugal forces are balanced in equilibrium, the spinning top does not wobble and spin upright stably. Just like the spinning top in equilibrium, DOH will become a stably developing and innovating opera house based on the balance of its energy. We believe that we shall accomplish amazing balance when we expand the scope of our activities while we reinforce the integrity of our essence at the same time.

Meanwhile, I would like to emphasize that the development and progress DOH has made stems from the affection of our citizens and opera lovers. We sincerely appreciate everyone who come to DOH. We will reward unforgettable performances to each and all of you that shall lubricate your daily lives.

Thank you!

The foundation of Daegu Opera House In Gun Park, president of DOH