Meeting and communication,
We sincerely welcome visitors to SUSEONG ARTPIA.


New index of life, art

The dictionary defines 'culture' as general way of life for a people and a society. But today it is being said that culture equals art, which may have an usage error in strict sense of meaning. In other words, art is an only element which constitutes 'culture', not a culture itself, but despite this, the reason why culture is used as representing an art may be because art (behavior/experience/appreciation). has become a new index of life just as economy was in the past.


Performance exclusive art center, Suseong Artpia

More than ten medium and large scaled performance halls exist in Daegu city. But the reality is that venues serving specialized functions as performance and exhibition exclusive art halls are seldomly found. Suseong Artpia is planning to continuously exhibit Korea representing masterpieces.
21 meter-distance between the farthest row and the most front seat from the stage will give you the optimum environment of the best quality theater, which you will not be able to experience at a mega-large theater and our stage staff and employees will do their best to provide the best service for visitors and performers on the stage.


Diversity of culture

In the world, there is a huge number of different art behaviors along with popular large scale works, which is a holder of famous brand name, and there is a far more number of viewers who appreciate such variety in more various ways and methods. If art behaviour is defined as an expression of inner side of human, art behaviors cannot help but being as complex and diverse as our inner world.


Friendly art center, Suseong Artpia

Suseong Artpia is going to stay as a close friend who always comforts in joy and in sorrow and walks along in the tough life path with you. With diverse top class works, we would like to have "emotional and psychological [meeting and communication] with distinguished artists from Korea and around the world.
We will do our best to help our lives more comforted and enjoyable. Frequent meetings with artists burning with passion (and their works) will definitely make your lives richer in quantity and deeper in quality. To this end, we will not save our efforts.